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Oh my gosh look who iv got here!!! I <3 my little cat bug so much. Have to thank my friend James, what a rad present!!!

This is a very talented friend of mine,

check out her beautiful words here:

and her art work here:

theres links to all her stuff here:



A recording of this poem, for our Image Action Text module: 

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For this module we were split into groups and had to research & create a publication - in our case, a zine. We researched the history of zines 
The other members of the group took five poems each from my poetry blog and transformed them in some way - either changing the form of the poem (turning a sonnet into a haiku, for example), removing words they felt were unnecessary, making images from the poems, or for this poem, putting each word/few words into Google & replacing them with the first result that was given, removing all meaning from the poem. You can find the original poem here. 

We recorded ten poems and put them on a CD to be put inside the zine. I like this one because of its length, and because it relates to my studio work more, with all the references to companies and brands and products. 

Hi, I saw you submitted some Glastonbury photographs on a blog,and would love it if you'd like to get involved with The Glastonbury Project! Its a collection of artwork which I'm making into a zine (a self-published book) to give away at this years' festival! All work will be credited. More information & submissions on my site. Please spread the word about this as I'd love as many submissions as possible!

Hi well thank you I’d love to get involved! I love a good zine and I love glastonbury so sounds perfect! I’ll put my submissions in asap :) hope lots of others do too and I’m sure they will! 

Ruby Tuesday installation shot, Where You Find Me

Ruby Tuesday’s stage, took it out of the studio yesterday, an emotional moment

poster by Ruby Tuesday, Communism The Friendly Ghost 

poster by Ruby Tuesday, God Save The Groys 

Poster I made for Exorcise the Spectre (performance piece and zine) 

Statue of Liberty, lomo

Absinthe, Brussels, lomo